Building your own Tiny House can be challenging. However, If you are planning on embarking on building your own Tiny House, we can help you. Our highly experienced build and design team can make this process a lot safer, smoother, time efficient and hassle free.

We can assist you with the following;

  • Designing and making your custom Tiny House Trailer
  • Guide you through the building process whilst adhering to the BCA (Building Code of Australia)
  • Assist with suitable and sustainable material choices and options
  • Assist in finding reliable and cost effective suppliers and tradesmen
  • Designing your house and creating concept drawings and building plans
  • Help you design and size an Off Grid system
  • Tips and Tricks that our professionals here at Aussie Tiny Houses are happy to share

We offer a 20 minute FREE consultation to get you started and a fee of $120/hour if you require our services beyond that. We tailor consulting packages to suit you. The consulting service can be provided over the phone, via email or in person in our workshop.

By using our consulting service, you can save a lot of time and money, not to mention, a much safer home. We offer invaluable support and knowledge that can set you on the right path to build your Tiny Home.

Call us or Email us for more information.