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It is rare for one not to be intrigued when they first come across a Tiny House. The reason? There are many. Tiny Houses and the movement of Tiny Living offers not only cost effective and simplified living solutions, but also provides an opportunity to create personal and financial freedom.

At Aussie Tiny Houses we are passionate about tiny living and providing alternatives to the current housing market. To own your own home in Australia has almost become an impossible dream and for those fortunate enough to have acquired a large mortgage find themselves over committed and bound by it, working long hours just to stay afloat.

Tiny Houses are a fantastic alternative with prices starting at $101,900 AUD for a Turn Key complete Home.

An affordable price tag however, does not mean sacrificing on quality. Our team of industry experts has been designing and building Tiny Houses in Australia since 2017. We specialise in optimising small spaces and designing beautiful, practical and affordable living solutions to help you create your Tiny House vision.

We are passionate about sustainability and offer complete off grid alternatives that will enable you to greatly reduce your ongoing living costs. Our off grid solutions include solar power systems, composting toilets, rain water harvesting and greywater systems.

Every Tiny House in our wide range of Models is designed by our In-House Designers Richard Smith (B.Arch) and Jessica Love (B.Int Arch) and then built to exceed Australian Standards.

We work closely with you to ensure your needs are met and options explored, bringing your Tiny House dream to life. From singles to couples, retirees to families, no client is the same but all are drawn to the idea of a simpler life. Offering a more cost effective lifestyle, with more time to spend living (rather than working) and a view to minimising their attachment to material possessions.

“People are slowly waking up to the world we live in and choosing to live differently. Living Tiny is not only about housing, it’s also about lifestyle. A lifestyle where spending time outdoors is more important than time indoors. Nature is more appealing than large residential homes and time and freedom are more valuable than objects and possessions.”
(Fabio Paulucci, Founder of Aussie Tiny Houses)


Creating Freedom through a lifestyle change.


Be the leading Tiny Homes Company in Australia in the minds and hearts of our customers and employees.


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