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1x Queen size ground level daybed


6.0m Length
2.4m Width
4.3m Height




Daybed-style ground-level bedroom
3 sided panoramic bedroom views
Holiday stay kitchenette
Mini-bar kitchen space
1.6m brekky bar nook
Large 1200x900mm shower space
Gable roof


Experience the ultimate combination of comfort and relaxation with our ground-level bedroom cabin-style tiny house.

This 6-metre-long retreat is designed specifically for property owners looking to generate additional income through holiday rentals, offering an affordable luxury experience.

Savouring three-sided panoramic views, the Balnarring 6.0 provides an intimate and immersive setting for couples seeking an ideal retreat. Strategically positioned to capture the essence of your property's breathtaking views, this tiny house invites the beauty of the surroundings to envelop its interior. Guests can unwind on the plush queen-size daybed, allowing the stress of daily life to effortlessly melt away.

Its thoughtfully designed holiday stay kitchenette offers functional style without compromise. Featuring a dual burner cooktop, built-in mini-bar space and a charming 1.6-meter brekky bar nook, it sets the perfect stage for romantic meals.
Indulge your guests with a luxurious bathroom experience, complete with a spacious 1200x900mm shower that creates a serene spa-like ambience.

Whether your property is nestled in a secluded countryside or situated within an urban oasis, the Balnarring 6.0 enhances its appeal, attracting guests in search of tranquillity and charm.

Unlock an attractive investment opportunity by offering this tiny house holiday rental, catered specifically for couples seeking a romantic getaway, and capitalise on the growing trend of tiny house holiday rentals with the Balnarring 6.0.

Features and Inclusions


  • Tri Axle Trailer Rated to 4.5TON
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Electric Brakes on all wheels
  • Break Away System
  • Hand Brake System
  • 4x Stabilizing Legs
  • Trailer Fully Painted for extra protection

Living Room

  • Features
    • 1.6m brekky bar nook
    Windows and Doors
    • 1x Sliding Door 2100H X 1800W + Fly Screen
  • Electrical
    • 1x Led Ceiling Downlight
    • 1x Double Power Point with USB


  • Features
    • Suitable for Queen Size Daybed
    Windows and Doors
    • 2x Double Hung & Fix Glass Combo Window 1200H X 1650W + Fly Screen
    • 1x Fix Glass Window 1500H X 1800W + Fly Screen
  • Electrical
    • 1x Led Ceiling Downlights


  • Windows and Doors
    • 1x Double Hung Window 1760H X 600W + Fly Screen
  • Appliances
    • Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop 2 Burners
  • Fittings
    • Standard Chrome or Black Kitchen Tap
    • Standard Chrome Stainless Steel or Charcoal Sink
  • Electrical
    • 2x Double Power Points
    • Smoke Alarm
  • Cabinetry
    • Kitchen Cabinets (as per design)
    • Soft Touch Close to Doors and Drawers where suitable


  • Windows and Doors
    • 1x Double Hung Window 1760H X 600W + Fly Screen
    • 1x Cavity Sliding Door 2040H x 720W with Privacy Lock
  • Fittings
    • Standard Chrome or Black Shower Head
    • Standard Chrome or Black Shower Mixer
    • White Ceramic Oval Top Mount Sink
    • Standard Chrome Basin Mixer
    • Wall Hung Vanity
  • Electrical
    • 1x Led Ceiling Downlight
    • 1x Double Power Points
    • Extractor Fan
  • Toilet / Shower
    • Standard Flush Toilet
    • Shower 1200X900MM
    • Toughened Glass Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Internal / Structure

  • Waterproof Engineered Vinyl Floor Boards
  • Insulation Batts Earthwool R 2.5
  • Insulated Subfloor R 1.4
  • Steel Frame Engineered
  • Fully Painted - 1x colour option


  • Safety Switch Board
  • 2x External Double Power Point
  • Power Inlet 20AMP with 20AMP extension lead
  • Colorbond Steel Roof and Wall Cladding
  • External LED Porch Light
  • Water Inlet
  • Dual Gas Regulator
  • Gas Hot Water System
  • Gas Aluminium Storage Box

UPGRADES and Packages

  • Kitchen Appliances
    • 125L Bar Fridge
    • Dual Burner Electric Cooktop
    • Dual Burner Gas Cooktop Black Glass Finish
    • External Ducting Kit (Rangehood)
  • Heating and Cooling
    • Air Conditioning 2.5Kw (heating and cooling)
    • Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control
  • Bathroom
    • Shaving Cabinet Single Door with Mirror
  • External / Internal
    • External Cedar Cladding Feature Wall
    • Bathroom Cedar Feature Ceiling
    • Full Cedar Feature Ceiling
    • Ply Wood Shadow Gap Feature Ceiling
    • Gable Roof With Exposed Rafters - Cathedral Ceiling
    • Mapei Sealant and Eco Friendly Paint
  • Deck Trailers
    • 6.0m Merbau Standard Deck Trailer
    • 6.0m Merbau Deck Trailer with Pergola
    • 6.0m Merbau Deck Trailer with Pod and Pergola
    • Air Conditioning 2.5Kw (heating and cooling) for Pod room
  • Skylight and Windows
    • 2x Louvre & Fix Glass Combo Window 1200H X 1650W + Fly Screen
    • Louvre Window Kitchen 1760H X 600W + Fly Screen
    • Louvre Window Bathroom 1760H X 600W + Fly Screen
    • Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Screen
    • Clear SMART Glass with Standard Fly Screen
    • Clear SMART Glass with Security Screen
    • Double Glaze with Standard Screen
    • Double Glaze with Security Screen
    • Blinds to all windows and doors
  • Water
    • 2500L Slimline PVC Water Tank
    • 5000L Slimline PVC Water Tank
    • 3000L Round PVC Water Tank
    • 5000L Round PVC Water Tank
    • Water PUMP
    • Ezgrey Greywater Diversion System
    • Grease Trap
  • Composting Toilets
    • CM LP 2 Split System Package
    • NL Alectura Composting Toilet
    • 2x NL Alectura Heat Pad
    • Nature Loo NL3
    • Cinderella Incineration Toilet - Electric
Solar System Options
Specifications and Inclusions Models
Medium BM-8.2kw Heavy BM-12.3kw
Application Medium Fridge
LED Lights
240v Appliances
Small AC system
Gas Appliances
Washing Machine
Medium/Large Fridge
LED Lights
240v Appliances
Small AC system
Gas Appliances
Washing Machine
Electric Oven
Electric Cooktop
Inverter Type Redearth Redearth
Solar Panel Qty 6 8
Solar Panel Size JA DeepBlue 3.0 (540w) JA DeepBlue 3.0 (540w)
Solar Capacity Watts 3240 4320
Battery Type Troppos Troppos
Battery Capacity kWh 8.2 12.3
Battery Expansion Capacity 12.3 12.3
Inverter Nominal kW 6 6
Inverter Peak kW (10 sec) 10 10
Inverter Max AC Output A 6000w 15.6 A 6000w 15.6 A
Standard Monitoring via screen on unit Standard Standard
4G Remote Monitoring Optional Optional
Cabinet Height mm 1020 1020
Westinghouse Generator Optional Optional
Mounted on a trailer Optional Optional
Optional trailer size 4.2m x 2.5m 4.2m x 2.5m

1) Ongoing monthly fee for 4G Remote Monitoring.
2) 5 years warranty on Black Max System.
3) 10 years warranty on battery modules.
4) 25 years warranty on JA DeepBlue 3.0 solar panels.