our factory is open by appointment only - book a visit

Yes, you can book a visit here. We welcome visitors and enjoy sharing our passion for our Tiny Houses. We have a very active factory with at least 10 tinys on the go and also a few display homes for you to walk through. Please give us a call or simply book your appointment online so we can free up some time to show you around and chat about tiny houses in general. Our factory is open Monday – Friday (9am to 4:30pm) and Saturday morning by appointment only.

Yes. Our factory is open Monday – Friday (9am to 4:30pm) and Saturday morning by appointment only. We welcome visitors and enjoy sharing our passion for our Tiny Houses. We have a very active factory with at least 10 tinys on the go and also a few display homes for you to walk through. Please give us a call or simply book your appointment online so we can free up some time to show you around and chat about tiny houses in general.

ALL quotes are FREE. Just email, call or fill in the Quote Request Form on the bottom of each models page.

Unfortunately not. There are too many complexities involved in producing a comprehensive document that effectively communicates the design to an audience of unknown experience in construction.

There are two main reasons why tiny houses are built on wheels. Firstly is because when built on wheels it does not require a building permit as it is classified as a vehicle, therefore it falls under the same regulation as caravans. Secondly is movability as a lot of Tiny Home owners enjoy the idea of not being tied down and being able to move around.

Working out which Tiny House is the right one for you is quite an in depth process. There are many aspects that will come together to make your Tiny House your dream house and we are here to help make that dream become a reality. Please feel free to call or email us to discuss which model would best suit your needs. Our architects and design team have created variety of designs and sizes to select from. All of which can be customised specifically to suit your own design requirements.

Yes, we do both. This is a great way for people to undertake some DIY and save money in the process. However, we won’t build anything less than a Lockup Stage. We need to ensure the building is fully structurally engineered, watertight and secure.

Build times can vary depending on the model and also if sold as a Part buildl or Turn Key stage. On average the build process takes around 5-7 weeks. Due to our current workload and the increasing popularity of Tiny houses, we do have a waiting list. However, please feel free to call or email us to discuss this further.

We only require a 20% deposit. This guarantees and secures a building slot and delivery date that suits you. Once the deposit is made, we can begin the design process, order your trailer, start the design process and your Tiny House journey together.

Our standard tiny houses run on 20-amp mains power with a safety switchboard. The tiny house is plugged in using a supplied 20-amp power lead. You won't need an electrician on site for this connection if your property has a 20-amp outlet. A solar system can also be installed at an additional cost, or this can be added at a later stage. All our Tiny Houses come “Solar Ready” as standard.

Just like a conventional caravan, our tiny houses come standard with a standard garden hose plug connection. It's that simple!!! Alternatively, we can offer Rainwater storage tanks and pumps at an additional cost allowing you to go off grid. All houses do come with gutters but they are not installed due to dimensions restrictions when on the road.

All our Tiny homes have a dual gas regulator that takes 2x LPG gas bottles as standard. You can use your standard 9L barbecue gas bottles. The connection can be done by anyone, just like connecting the gas bottle to a barbecue.

Yes, all our Tiny Houses are insulated. We use Earthwool Insulation bats R3.5 on walls and a double layer in the roof. We also offer insulated SMART glass and double glaze windows at an additional cost, greatly minimising the energy needed for heating and cooling. If you require insulation under the floor this is also an option and can be upgraded to all our models and designs.

Most of our Tiny Houses come as standard with a standard flush toilet. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain the services of a qualified plumber and council permits to connect to sewage or septic tank. As an alternative and much greener/sustainable option, we can install and supply waterless composting toilets that do not require a plumber on site or any connection.

At the moment we are concentrating all our efforts on the THOW (Tiny House on Wheels) due to the large demand. Tiny House on Foundations are not classified as a caravan and require full council approval processes as it is classed as a fixed dwelling. Not all Tiny Houses on wheels design and plans can be certified as a fixed dwelling, especially the loft models. Please call us if you have further questions or interest in THOW.

Our tiny houses will weigh in between 3ton - 4.5ton depending on model and a few others specifications. We do build our tiny houses on top of scales that can verify every kg coming into the build. We'd recommend hiring a towing company for transport unless you are very experienced with towing large and heavy loads and have got the appropriate vehicles that can move them safely.

No, we currently don't custom build Tiny Homes. However, all our models have been designed, engineered and tested to optmise space, the capture of natural lights and ventilation, and offer the best functionality for a small living space.

Yes, you can make changes to a certain extent! All our Standard Models can be personalised with options for fittings, fixtures and finishes such as flooring, cabinetry, benchtops, sinks and more.

At Aussie Tiny Houses we strive to build using only quality materials that will stand the test of time. Our tiny houses are built with solid timbers and ply only in the timber aspects and only high end materials everywhere else. We buy all our building materials in bulk to build from scratch so, despite the high end materials we use, we aim to keep the price down as much as possible. We may allow minor changes, however it usually leads to a more expensive finished project because we would not be buying supplies at bulk prices. For items such as light fittings, tapware, sinks and toilets, you are welcome to supply your own and we can incorporate those kinds of items into your tiny home.

Yes. We have many Off Grid solutions to add to your Tiny House design. We offer full off grid solar system packages that are designed to run your entire house (not only lights) including even air con systems, a variety of composting toilet options, gas water heating system and gas appliances, rainwater storage tanks, pumps, grey water systems and water filters. Call us to chat more about off grid setups and possibilities.

No at all! Composting toilets nowadays are very complex and effective systems. Their cost can range from AU$900 – AU$3,500 depending on size, model and a few other factors. They all come with an electric fan that works around the clock, however, they are very quiet and economical, drying the solids and also moving the air from inside the house through the system and out, speeding up the natural compost process.

Not as standard but we can supply a solar package to suit your needs as an added extra. Please contact us for more details.

The composting toilet chamber that we use (Clivus Multrum CM LP - Standard Package) should be swapped over approximately every 6mths for 2 adults living fulltime in the space according to the manufacturer's instructions. We do offer other composting toilet options and the maintenance could vary based on system size and a few others. Get in touch with us to get more info on the toilet systems and also maintenance processes.

The most common for tiny houses on wheels is a combination of a composting toilet and greywater treatment system. The composting toilet diverts liquid waste and turns solid waste into compost. The models we use are Australian made and approved for use in all states, operate odour-free, and can save 35,000L of water per year. Greywater can be treated by a grey water filtration system and grease traps. Generally speaking, the clean water can be re-utilised in your garden or direct release into the landscape. It is important to check with your local council for any specific requirements for off-grid treatment of waste.

We have partnered up with a reputable and reliable towing company that delivers Australia-wide. This service fully insures your Tiny House from our factory to your doorstep. Delivery is an additional cost. Please refer to our delivery webpage or get in touch for a quote.

Our complete self contained turn key tiny houses start from $101,900 to $139,900 for the large models.

We offer a payment plan that divides the total price into 5 instalments. Each instalment is due after completion of each stage as stated below; 20% - DEPOSIT. This locks in your design and build slot and once we have established the size of the trailer required, it will be ordered. 20% - payment due when your trailer arrives on site for us to start building; 20% - payment due when the engineered steel framing skeleton is completed; 20% - payment due when the inside of the home is completed and only awaiting cabinetry; 20% - payment due when your tiny house is completed and ready for delivery.

Our Tiny Houses are considered “Caravans” and do not require council approval. They will come with a VIN number that is pre-registered with the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). Caravans do not require DA approvals from councils, but councils can limit the amount of time someone can permanently live in one. This ruling may vary from Council to Council and State to State. We strongly recommend contacting your local council for further information and current regulations.

The tiny houses on wheels are classified as caravans. So you don't need any special permits to drive or move it on the road. You will only need to have the proper vehicle that is capable of towing the specific tiny house model with the correct towing attachments and safety requirements.

We build our tiny houses on trailers to meet the regulations that apply to caravans. It is not possible to make a broad statement about what is allowed as the rules around living in caravans and other transportable dwellings on private land generally exist at a local council level. While some regional councils are actively welcoming tiny houses on wheels, others are more cautious and even resistant. You should contact the council call centre in your area and ask them directly. If they aren't aware of the term 'tiny house', ask them about caravan laws as they are generally interchangeable.

Having your own property would be your best solution. However, there are more economical options to park your tiny house. Some people rent out their driveways or backyards to people with Caravans or Tiny Houses. Since our tiny homes are built on trailers and meet the regulations that apply to caravans, most Caravan Parks are available to park in as well as many tiny home communities popping up all around the country.

We keep our builds within the restrictions required for road legality: The maximum height is 4.3m; The maximum width is 2.5m; The maximum length is 9m (10.5m including the draw bar); The maximum weight is 4.5 tonne. If we exceed these dimensions we would not meet the regulations for road legality.