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Purpose-Built Tiny House Trailers

We do sell purpose-built Tiny House Trailer only.

If you want to build your own tiny house we can help by getting you started with a purpose-built tiny house trailer. Our engineered trailers are the perfect tiny house foundation from which you can build your own tiny home. Our trailers come standard with paint protection and are engineered to hold 4.5 tonnes, supporting the entire structure of the house providing longevity and strength to your build.

Our low profile trailer provides extra ceiling height to your build. This low profile trailer still offers the same quality and strength as a regular trailer, however it sits lower to the ground increasing the interior space and loft head room if building to regulation height of 4.3m.

If you are unsure where to start with your tiny house build, we also offer a subfloor upgrade to your tiny house trailer so you can be assured that you have a sturdy and level base to start building your dream tiny house. This clever subfloor system comes as one single sheet, which is glued and screwed directly to the trailer. The subfloor is lightweight, waterproof, insulated to R1.4 and completely resistant to termites.

If you would like more information about our trailers please get in touch. Time-frames for manufacturing one of our trailers is 6-8 weeks from order to completion. Please note this is for the trailer only.


  • All trailer are engineered to Australian Standards
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Compliance Plate
  • Flatbed Trailer Design
  • Steel Dural Gal
  • Fully Painted (Rust Protection)
  • Hand Brake
  • Electric Break-Away System
  • LED Rear Lights
  • 4x Stabilizers
  • 4x Anchoring Points

Tiny House Trailer Prices

Flatbed 6.0 2.4 2 3.5 $11,200.00
Flatbed 6.0 2.4 3 4.5 $13,700.00
Flatbed 7.2 2.4 3 4.5 $14,100.00
Flatbed 8.4 2.4 3 4.5 $15,200.00
Flatbed 9.0 2.4 3 4.5 $15,900.00
Flatbed 9.0 3.0 3 4.5 $22,400.00


  • One Piece Insulated Subfloor (R1.4)
    • Flatbed 6.0x2.4 - $2,800.00
    • Flatbed 7.2x2.4 - $3,300.00
    • Flatbed 8.4x2.4 - $3,800.00
    • Flatbed 9.0x2.4 - $4,100.00
    • Flatbed 9.0x3.0 - $5,100.00
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